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Get the Jackson DK2
11 92%
Get a new guitar.
1 8%
Voters: 12.
Hmm okay,

I am thinking of getting the Jackson DK2M.

I'm currently am playing a Fender FMT HH Custom Tele.

The two are nearly the same price.

I played the Jackson and loved it.


My point is.

even thought I can get a more expensive guitar, should i still stick to the Jackson?

you get what feels right and sounds right in your hands. if you want want a more expensive guitar, go for it, but if the jackson feels and sounds better to you over the more expensive guitar, go for the jackson. i still vote for the jackson.
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Which one do you like more? What kind of stuff do you play? Amp? Etc?

I play through a VOX stack amp, I can't recall the full name as it's not in my home right now, that when I play live.

I play pretty much Metal, Rock, Blues.
it will play those categories great. it has Seymour Duncan JB SH-4 Pups, which are versatile. so go for it. if you've played it and it suited your playing style and feels right, get it.

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if you love it, do not hesitate. you will never put it down, and that is the most important thing to do...
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if you can afford more....explore more before settling with the jackson....you might find something even better......try whatever you can get your hands on in your price range....if they dont feel as good....get the jackson!