check out my new song i finally recorded. let me know what you think!

C4C !!

It's in my profile
took a lonnng time for it load, maybe it's just my computer? anyways really good song like your style of guitar. and your mr bo jangles cover to by the way. gotta love bob dylan. if you have some time could check out my song and tell me what you think. thanks! http://www.ultimate-guitar.com/foru...d.php?t=1194323
R.I.P Jerry Garcia (1945)-(1995)

In the winter of '65 we were hungry, just barely alive.

cool song man. that was a fun listen. i wasent a fan of the vocals at first. i think it might have been what you were going for but you kind of sounded stoned. like early velvet underground stuff. i liked a little before the 2 min mark when you sang a little higher and got into it. it was a nice little lift. i liked the lyrics and the concept of the song. however i think it should be cut off around the 330 mark or so, or at least condensed, as it seems to drag on after that point. all in all a good song. i liked it.

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I actually loved it, very emotional, but one thing you could of done is add some more words to the lyrics, you had the room to add some more meaning, but mabey a electric distortion harmonizing in the background after the 2ed chours would of gave it an extra feel. I'm inspired by your song now, I think I'm going to go write an acoustic song now.
sounds great man. i love the guitar part and the chords you used. it sounds a lot like what i play when i play acoustic rhythm. you also have a great voice. i thought the title sounds a bit creepy though haha. sounds like something a stalker would say. maybe you could add in another singer or overdub yourself over the other part and get a nice harmony going like crosby stills nash and young. i also listened to a few of the other ones you have up. i really dig your style.

if you wanna crit a jam i did:
I really really like this! The production is quite good too, the sound of the acoustic is very good, same with the vocals.

That said, I think your voice sounds similar to John Legend. VERY smooth, style singing, I think your voice is absolutely amazing. I am jealous!

It's a very emotional track, I really like that. Everything sounds amazing, I really dig this!
I really like it, nice chord work and your voice fit to really create an eerie vibe. The only problem I had was the lines "Breathe on me/let me feel your breath". Besides that it was a really good song. I usually would have a lot more to say, but I really liked that and wouldn't change too much about.

Goodness gracious me!
AWESOME voice.

It was a pretty powerful piece I think.

It could use more variation, and a tambourine. :P I recommend a tambourine on like every acoustic piece I comment... so don't take it in a bad way. Not that it's that bad... but whatever. Haha.

EDIT: Your hallelujah cover was perfect, too. You should play this stuff live. That'd be cool.

Check mine out.