I'm looking for some more good indie clothing companies with online stores... stuff like glamour kills, etc... stuff to wear on stage and for photoshoots that's not too commercial per se.

Anyone know of any good ones?
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topman obv
What is a wimp like you doing in a place like this?
Urban Outfitters
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definitely the best spam thread today!
Drop Dead Clothing has a bunch of cool stuff.
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threadless or design by humans

u live in chicago?
Charity shops, or you're not indie.

I dislike it when people dress to fit into a scene though. Wear what you want to wear.
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- Looking to improve this somewhat.

no one buys those clothes
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2^ What the flying fuck

pack your bags, move to the city.
Hit up your local used clothing shop. You'll find a lot of crap, but among the crap, there will be that perfect item that you've been longing for all your life.
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Read your post, looked at your avatar, then lol'd.
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wow the clothing on topman look so flaming gay. i can only imagine the biggest posers would ever wear any of that just to try n tell ppl 'yea im so indie, i know bands that no one's ever heard of'

you wanna be indie? go to valuevillage
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yeah im not at gc dude, i dont live there.

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Haha, this would never succeed in England

True man but here in Florida it's fine!!!

Though I get some looks for wearing it
il just say indie is very close to scene so watch out
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I love you for that thread...

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Urban outfitters is where I usually shop. Not sure if it's very indie though.
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