Hey everyone! Does anyone have the wiring diagram for a Washburn MG-42? I really need it because I'm replacing the stock bridge humbucker with a Dimarzio Tone Zone humbucker. Please and thank you!
What's the current wiring system? (I.e. is it just 2 humbuckers 2 vol 2 tone, or whatever, any nifty push/pulls etc?)
Couldn't you just draw the current diagram (Unless you totally messed it up)?
I'm not that good at wiring stuff....so drawing it out wouldn't be a good idea for me. Anyways, it's 2 humbuckers, a coil-tapping tone knob, a volume knob, and a 3 way selector.
head to the wiring thread.

check out the links on page 1 and find your type of configuration (or just go to seymourduncan).

ask further questions in the wiring thread.

yes, SD has the diagram, so don't try to pull that "looked and found nothing" crap.

cheers man.