Hello all! I was surfing the web and I came to a site that sells full body decals for your guitar. I found a really pretty one (http://www.best-decals.com/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=76&products_id=1229) but I dont know what kind of body shape should I choose at the botom..

I own an Ibanez GRG 170DX. Will the San Dimas body shape work you think? Or else, do you know of any program or site where I could maybe get like blank vinyl so I can customize it with Photoshop and then send it somewhere to get it printed? Thank you
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If your guitar shape is not shown, we may be able to adjust the decal to fit your body shape, please contact us with the details.

Contact them? The San Dimas shape has rounded horns, unlike any RG I've ever seen. I think it would work anyway, with a little trimming of course.
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