Hey, i am currently the proud owner of a Vintage VS6 and it's amazing. Only problem i have is the neck pickup. There are a couple other problems but i caused the myself and a set-up will sort them right out. Other niggling thing is, i plan for this guitar ot be my baby as the build quality is great. New pickups, tuners, pots (although i'm not sure what's in there now, but i'll upgrade if it would be beneficial), and a good set-up are all on the horizon after i get my amp.

Right now it's a shiny black, which to me is kind of a fail as it looks really dirty up close with all the fingerprints and if this is gonna be my baby then it should look like it's mine. Only problem with refinishing is the set neck. I love the neck's profile and i don't wanna touch it but then this is gonna look wierd with the new finish. Do you reckon it's worth refinishing it if it will screw the neck? and also, any ideas about what i should make it look like, preferably something matte because i plan on getting everyone in my year to sign it when i leave my secondary school. For an idea of it's exact looks here you go:

What makes you think refinishing it screw with the neck?

You finish it the same way you do the body, no worries.
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Well the neck is covered in the same finish at the moment and i really don't want anything to change about it, i doubt i'd get the exact same thickness in the coat. I'm really picky with stuff once i get it working well. Also, due to it being a set neck, wouldn't i effectively have to glue it back on?
Correct me if I'm wrong, but the paint isn't what holds the neck on... it's the wood glue. You could just refinish the whole guitar without taking it apart.
well, i'd still have to take out the hardware right? guess i could. Also, i could re-finish it and then send it off for it's upgrades which means i don't have to worry about soldering. Win-Win. But still the problem of screwing my neck up. Any ideas for a design where a black neck wouldn't look out of place?