Hello guys, my guitar's a Schecter Damien 7 and my present is a Frontman 15 (lame I know). I've been GASing for a Flextone for so long and now I can afford one (about 950 CAN$).

I like versatility, I play mainly metalcore and thrash metal but I'm a big fan of the Chilis.

Should I go for it or not?
Flextones are great amps, and would be a huge upgrade from what you have now. However if you are buying it new thats not a great deal. L6 gear losses so much value right off the bat. See if you can find a used Vetta or Flextone in your area. Also look for a used HD147. Since you are a 7 string slinger I am assuming you will enjoy the higher gain models in the HD147.
- Anthony
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Dude, I just posted a new amp day for my Flextone III XL.

The amp is EXTREMELY VERSATILE. It has great metal, classic rock, jazz, blues and clean tones. It is extremely tweakable as well. It has a great noise gate, compressor and many more features.