Pit I need your help! I got assigned a project in Digital Photography on the 1st day of school and I have ABSOLUTELY NO IDEA what to do. It's supposed to be an about me kinda thing, so I wanted to do something with guitar, but that's where my wit ends. Help with ideas or photoshopping tips would be much appreciated. Thx in advance.
One pic per day. Play "everyday" and put it on youtube.
Why not try to find a song that best represents you, then take pictures that embody that songs. It's what I've done in the past and it turned out wonderfully.

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Your teacher obviously wants nudes
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if there is a program that helps you create those pictures of people made up of loads of tiny pictures of other stuff, then you could take a pic of your guitar, and use that pic to make a pic of your face. It would be creative at least.

Perhaps make it a contrast portrait to your real face or something