I'm Turning my CAp gun into a BB because I'm biking a lot in a really dangerous area of town and i want a little defence. Some asshole is going to say " blah bluh blh u dnt ned a bgun, cry a9M"

Its hard for a 13 year old to do that.

So how do you take off the orange tip of the cap gun thats on the barrel?

And for the record, i dont want to waste 20$ on buying a decent BB, I don't care what price they are, and im in a small city, cant buy em' anywhere here Im pretty sure.

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Can you not just buy a BB gun?
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Can you not just buy a BB gun?

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How exactly are you making it into a BB gun? The cap should pop off or break off. Just apply some pressure.

But seriously, how are you making it a BB gun? They require some sort of air compression usually. Either a pump, or CO2.
step 1: grab a hammer
step 2: smash the orange bit
step 3: disregard step 2 and just take the hammer with you
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You know, I was typing a counterargument when I realized how funny this thread actually is.

TS, you troll like a master, well played.
At first I was wondering how someone could be that stupid.

Then I remembered you're 13.

It's almost impossible to turn a cap gun into a BB gun, and you probably don't even need it.
this is an awful idea. Not only will it be really hard to turn it into a bb gun, but a bb gun will do next to nothing against an attacker. Carry a knife or learn how to fight properly. Or both. I myself perfer a mechete or katana(I actually have both).

Edit: I just saw that your 13 years old, TS. Stop trying to act cool and trying to make your e-penor bigger.
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The plan was to drink until the pain over.
But what's worse, the pain or the hangover?
Who am I? I'm a titan so be expectin' a clash.
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Yngwi3, You win this whole monstrosity of a thread.

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My years of apprenticeship in a master gunmaker's shop leads me to believe that this will not work.
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Lol, my friend actually made one of these. I dont know how but it would break the skin.

TS just buy a BB Gun.
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**** a gun, get a life first.
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1) Its possible, but it doesn't hurt at all, and its actually legally considered a firearm so that's not a good idea
2) If you're really afraid of being killed or something, carry a knife. Check the laws for wherever you are, but in most states teenagers can carry small knives with them.
3) I can not see either of these ending well.
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