Hey guys

So im getting a new head and I was wondering if anyone had any experience with the SVT-3's little brother, the B2-RE.

The thing is, the svt-3 pro is a tube, so it sounds best at really loud volumes. But I dont think Im gonna need to crank it that much becuase my guitarists only have 100W marhsall solid state half stacks.

Sooo I was thinking about getting the solid state version, the B2-RE.

Do any of you guys know anyhitng about this head? Ive read a couple reviews and people seem to like it....
Ide say the SVT-3 pro
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B2-re is kinda meh. for a colored SS sound, go Ashdown. for an SVT sound, get a tube amp.
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SVT is tube driven and has a much better sound from what i have seen, tried te B2 myself and it was good but not worth the pricetag.

If i were to buy an ampeg i would most likely go for one of te SVT models.
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get the svt-3. I had mine for about 2 years and it never ceased to amaze me. It could be eq'd to fit into any situation. Even if your guitar player now only has a solid state marshall, you never know what you might come across down the road. Besides, I cant think of any reason not to buy an amp like that when given the oppurtunity, ampeg or not.

Also, after you get it, invest in some sort of rack enclosure for it. I made the mistake of not getting one after I bought mine and I had to watch it almost get broken so just do yourself the favor. You can get them for like 40 bucks used.