Well hey there, this is my first time posting here, and I was hoping that someone here might give me a couple fun Metallica riffs, please and thank you .
The intro lick to for whom the bell tolls
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is the puppy solid state or tube?

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solid state. when she screams it pisses me off


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Dimebag had s*** tone and that guitar plays like an abortion. Come at me, bro!

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It's because Garth Brooks brings the ****in' br00tz.
All Nightmare long pre-Solo? I like that . Not really a riff though.

And try Anesthesea( pulling teeth)

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I'm with survivalism on this one, almost every single Metallica song has one riff that's fun to play. I like to play the stuff from ...and justice for all because it's technical but still kicks ass. I usually judge how much I need to practice my rhythm work (which I do too little of) based on how well I can play Blackened.
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