I will be VERY surprised if it hasnt been done before, but ahwel

Here, post all your favourite jokes, long and pointless, or short and funny. Whatever you like, Id just keep it within the rules.

Ill get it started:

this guy is a MASSIVE fan of this clown, called Bobo, and is thrilled when one day Bobos circus comes to town. He immediatly buys tickets, front row, centre, and as Bobo comes on, he cheers, and to his delight, Bobo selects him as an assistant for his act for that day.

Bobo says to him "have you ever been a horses head?"


"Oh, well then you must be a horses ass!"

At this, the whole crowd laughs at the man, and he walks out of the tent ashamed.

He thinks "I wish I had some sort of comeback to him", he then finds out that the local university actually does a course in comebacks, so he enrolls, and spends four years studying the course, and comes out the end with a Masters in comebacks.

But, he says to his professor "I still havent found the perfect comeback yet, what can I do?"

His professor says "Well, there is a guru in the mountains north of here, you could study under him, if anyone can help you find the perfect comeback, he can"

So, this man goes to this guru, and trains under him for six years, studying the art of the comeback, and whilst he is there, he discovers his perfect comeback to Bobo

So he returns home, and sees that Bobos circus is back in town, ten years on from when he first saw him, so he buys tickets straight away, front row, centre, just like last time.

He cheers as Bobo comes on, and, Bobo selects him yet again to be his assistant for the act.

He goes up to Bobo, who says

"Have you ever been a horses head?"


"Oh, well then you must be a horses ass!"

to which the man looks at Bobo with a smug look and says

"Yeah, well FUCK YOU!"

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