So I rewrote the lead guitar to this song, becuase I thought the first time the tone sucked major. This is pertty much my lead Drop A# tone, I dont have any more low end I can get out of it, mic wont allow it.

So tell me what yall think.

cool song ethan. the intro sounded a little sloppy. i liked when the heavy guitar came in. the timing seems slightly off though. great guitar playing. maybe a lift/chorus in the middle would sound good. that same progression over and over starts to get old. a change in rythem/distortion would be good too. it needs work, but has potential. i think adding drums would add allot also. good work. keep it up.

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Thanks, I think Aduacity lags behind a little when I record over a rythem track. I'm still looking for a drum machine, but if I can somehow record with real drums, (I'm an alright drummer) then that would be better. I knowticed how the song does repeat, I'll see if I can add a pre-chours or an after chours. I plan on getting new speakers for my valveking, so I hope that makes the tone and distoriton cleaner, and hopefully I can find a way to line directly into my computer.
i thought the two parts sort of clashed in an awkward way at times however that said, they also complemented each other at times. this might just be my taste for things, but maybe make your tone(s) a little bit cleaner. maybe give it sort of a "plot" as in build up intensity and then drop the intensity. overall it was pretty good. needs a little work but you definately have something going.

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