Broken headstock repair in process, thanks to all of your guidance on UG! Need to fill in missing lacquer pieces and have ordered lacquer sticks from StewMac, but unclear of the application method. I don't have a burn-in knife and unclear on the alcohol lamp method of heating the knife...how hot, how long, what about smoke residue interfering with the lacquer?
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Thank you Mr Collins for your advice! I have 1 stick in route to me from Stewmac and the area I need to fill is relatively small, but wood is exposed. I figure less than half a stick will do the trick.

Won't the burning of the rope(wick) cause smoke residue? I understand you use denatured alcohol in a baby jar with a rope wick through the lid. Or just maintaining it in the flame will not cause smoke residue?
Hello David - Ha Ha...I see your VALID point of making a make-shift alcohol lamp! I just found a scientific store and purchased an alcohol lamp. I really appreciate your advice and will post pics of the finished unit. I just glued the headstock on last night. Kind Regards - Todd
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The only way to learn is to practice though. If you sit down with your knife, lamp, lacquer sticks, and practice for a little while, you'll quickly understand much more about it that could be explained in words. Get some old broken chipped up table or chair pieces, or any old piece of wood with a finish on it you can try to practice matching to, and it shouldn't take too long to start getting the feel for it.
This is great advice and applies EVERYWHERE.

Too often people want to modify their wiring or refinish their guitar and think they can learn a bit from reading and just dive right into the task. This is where horror stories come from. Practicing on scraps or junk pieces is the best way. You develop skills such that when you apply the techniques you've learn through practice to the guitar itself the results are superior.

Some might think it's wasteful.
But a bit of material sacrificed to improve skills is money well spent, in the long run.
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Thanks for follow up advice SomeoneYouKnew! I have a nightstand that could use a little lacquer...it's black like the guitar also!