I'm the bassist in my band, and currently we're going nowhere. We haven't been in the same room in months, let alone practiced. We have no drummer, and our practices usually consist of playing the intro to Rock You Like A Hurricane, and looping Sweet Home Alabama until the rhythm guitarist (Jason) goes to play video games or something stupid. Until we get an actual drummer (currently Jason's brother or our lead guitarist/singer (August) play drums), I don't think anything is going to get done. So in the meantime should I post an ad on Craigslist seeing if anyone needs a bassist or should I try to make this work?
I'm not so sure about advertising yourself on craigslist...
Why don't you advertise for some members.
They won't be very motivated if they don't even have someone to keep time are they?

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You haven't played in months? I'd hardly call that a band. Definitely look for something new. There's nothing you can do with people who have no motivation.

We haven't played in months because of issues we've all had. Jason coaches tennis and August gets in trouble too much (but now that his dad has left the family, he probably won't as much). August has a good amount of motivation, he just doesn't get to do much because of his parents. I don't think Jason has much motivation, but he seems to really want to be part of the band.

Edit: Actually, minus the drummer issue, I think the main problem is that we don't have a practice schedule. Does anyone have any ideas for a good schedule?
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Out of that band, just find a new one.
Oh no he just divided by zero again...*gets sucked into vortex*

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Work out whenever you guys are all free. If Jason coaches tennis then see when he -isn't- coaching and work something with that. If someone can't make it, then have a shorter practice with mostly review. When you're all there, do anything you can. If you have songwriting ability, then write something. Anything. Bring it to the other guys. See what you can do. If you want to do something with them, try and do what you can to motivate them.
Lol get a new band, end of story, i went into a band a year ago, first drummer we kicked out, guitarist left, got new drummer, kicked singer cause he couldn't sing, kicked rythm guitar, got old guitarist back, so right now it me (lead guitar), rythm guitarist and bassist, we have yet to find a good singer and drummer, but were trying, the reason we kicked out all the other people is because they sucked (i didn't start this band remember), we would usually end up playing video games in the end, now that doesn't happen, but now we have to find people that can sing or drum, it's really hard around here... if the people your with won't practice or do anything, just leave. Only reason i didn't leave the band i'm in now was because all these guys were my friends, but i'm glad i didn't, cause i'm happy with what i've got right now. But yeah just find reliable people that aren't gonna go play video games in the middle of a practice... i just got rid of them, but yeah.... i'm kinda just rambling here just don't stay with these guys lol.
i say find a new one. but if you want to stay in it, set a schedule to one day a week no excuses. Try after schools on wednesdays or something, or on sundays. Whatever day is best, choose it and make sure there is always a jam on that day, unless something truly important comes up and then just switch it to a different day that week.
Just dont ever skip the practice. Ever.
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