Hey guys and gals,
I'm Cameron B and I'm just here to get some feedback on my music.
I just want to hear what you think about my music; how my playing is, how my sound quality is, and your overall opinion on it.
If you want to reply to this thread or comment on my myspace that'd be awesome.
I truly appreciate it! Thanks,
Here is my straight up music myspace page...
...and, here is my "indie record company" page that has my songs and the songs im featured playing guitar in on the playlist.http://www.myspace.com/gzuz_records
My Music-
- '09 Orange Rocker 30
- Orange 1x12 cab and Crate 4x12 cab
- '04 Epiphone Les Paul Custom (White/Gold)
- Line 6 POD XT Live linked to a BBE Sonic Stomp
- Ibanez V70CE (Black)
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