This was all recorded in my room. Drums are programmed midi that i passed through a sampler to get real drum sounds(superior 2.0). The bass is the stock sample. and the guitars were 2 Jackson RR3 models mine has EMG81s and my friends has a Duncan JB/Jazz set. We recorded using my Carvin V3 using 2 2x12 cabinets one Vader and one Avatar V30. We used 2 mics one sm57 which was pointed to the Vader and a SM58 with the grille rolled off pointed at the avatar.

3 songs right now, no vocals recorded yet because we just got a new singer and have not had a chance to record yet.

Comments appreciated. Feel free to give us an add.
I listened to Secluded Delusion.The lead guitar riff at 30 sec. is really cool. I also like the riff at 1:24, it's awesome. The panning is really well done and it sounds nice and even, maybe turn up the lead guitar just a tiny bit.

The drums sound good but I don't like the crash cymbal and it's used a little too much. Can't wait to hear these songs once you get your singer!

Yes i completely agree that the crash is overused, but the reason is that it was programmed drums and i am not very creative. The live version has different cymbal and overall drums parts for the most part.

Thanks for the feedback. How is the EQ? I dont own monitors so i had to eq it by bouncing it off a couple of speakers/headphones
Well I just friended you guys on myspace. I like the first track alot. The guitars are super tight, which is a huge plus. People that can't keep it together on a song upset me, lol.

The EQ is ok...the mix is a little light tho. A lot of unused space it seems like.

What all is programmed and what is played? The guitars are obviously played, but are the bass and drums both programmed or is the bass played?

thnx for the crit.
my first mixing job. I agree it feels like it could be fuller. The bass and drums are both programmed. Drums are superior drummer and bass is standard windows sample.
I thought it was pretty great. The riffs were all very cool and heavy. The harmonies were sweet, and the solos were nice. You just need to tighten up the sweeps a bit, but it's better than I can do. You obviously understand how music works, everything made sense musically. Something sounded off in the tone though, not sure what it is. All in all cool track though man.
Thanks alot.

We will definetly be practicing to get everything tighter. The tone was the best i could do in the time i did it (about 2 weeks) and it was all home budget stuff. We did vocals today for Secluded Delusion.
Only critiquing Secluded Delusion. Slight mixing issues, but that's not anything to be worried about. The vocals were OK, could have been better but were decent enough. Fits the music, that's all that matters. Random breaks in the music were kinda dumb, in my opinion.. but I think any random break, with some kind of instrument filling in like a Bass, is retarded. Not retarded if it's not random, but when the music just suddenly stops and "BUM BUM BUM BUM" comes in.. eek.

While a lot of bands use Whammy / Tremolo, I'd suggest using it a little less. The solos were pretty good, could of been better but everything always can be better.

And don't think I'm giving you a dumbed down review because you didn't give me an "OMG I LOVED IT REVIEW"... I never give reviews that always praise the music.
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all was good. as usually with a death metal band for me, i love the music, but the vocals are iffy.

great stuff though, nice quality =)
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Intro was okay, nothing too special. Played well nonetheless however. The screamer is pretty good, kinda sounds like Lamb of God. The guitars and drums probably could have been turned up more, or at least the screaming turned down a tiny bit. I like the breakdown riff at 1:40, it was pretty cool! Solo was alright, it started out weird, but it turned out to be pretty good. The break at 2:19 sounded a bit random and slow, I didn't really like it in my opinion. A lot of your riffs are fairly interesting, but some more complexion wouldn't hurt at all. All I really heard was chords, tremolo, and palm mutes. I'm not saying all of it was like that, just a lot of what I heard. Not to say that it isn't a well made/recorded song. You did a great job, keep it up!
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I wish i could buy a pair of monitors. But i dont have the money right now. If i had them it would be easier to mix.
Well, i got a pair of monitors and i beleive i have made a much better mix now of Secluded Delusion. I will be mixing 2 more songs throughout this week.


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