Can someone help me identify this pedal? it's an unmarked delay pedal the guy that I bought it from said that he believe is either a Rocktron or Arion brand. The delay pedal is missing the battery cover that's why I don't know for sure what brand it is.

I don't want to anger professor chaos but I did a search for Rocktek ADR-02 delay pedal and didn't find one that looks like it
the only thing it's missing is the rocktek logo across the stomp area. maybe it's just an earlier version or something

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I just found the same picture it was on a Japanese site or something. This guy said that They're owned by Snarling Dog now, who has no mention of them or Arion - who they also bought - on their site. I heard that Snarling Dog itself was bought out by a D'Andrea picks. So maybe it is a earlier version Arion brand
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Yep, thats a rocktek delay all right.
Ive got a rocktek chorus I mess around with occasionally.
The cover on mine fell off as well, its not worth replacing though because its a very thin piece of plastic.
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yeah looks like a rocktech
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There you go one home made battery cover I know that there was no need in it but I couldn't sleep so I needed something to keep myself entertained. On the frist attempt I cut up a plastic case that my wedgie pick holder came in. I cut two pieces out and glued them together it worked but it didn't look good. Then I remembered that I had just bought a longer HDMI cable for my TV. I took the plastic case that it came in it was bigger & thicker and already had a bit of a slope in it. I used my frist attempt as a template to cut it out and it also worked but something was still missing. Then I came up with an ideal to cut little slots to fit the holes in the top of the pedal where the original battery cover would clip in and glued down the bottom and now it holds tighter then the real thing. I think I will paint it black and if I can't find it could someone please help me find an original picture of a Arion ADR-02 delay pedal? I may print myself up a label for it once again there's no need in it but I would like it. I would've like it much better if I could have got some sleep but I'm glad I did it.

What do you think?

Second attempt I don't have any pictures of the frist attempt

Final results

But how am I going to chang the battery after I paint it and glue it down? I was hoping my Sabine TA-1 9 volt adapter would work with. Does anyone know if it would?