Hey everybody, I'm kind of new to these guitar forums and to guitar playing in general (approx. 1 year), but one of my favorite and most useful learning tools has been instructional DVDs from, ,,,
I would like to make clear that I am in no way, shape or form, am part of any affiliation with this web site. I simply wanted to point out how helpful and inspiring many of these products have been to me and can potentially be for you. I also wanted to possibly open lines of communication between those who have been aided and/or inspired by some of this site's content. I especially like their "learn to play" series that allows you to learn a selection of songs from your favorite band, note for note, and they are very well done and accurate.
I realize that this is based on my personal opinion, but I'm such a huge fan that I became curious enough to try and find out who else is out there with love for this site and it's excellent staff.