I've had .12s on my SG for about a month now so I have a show tonight and I go to change the strings with the same strings I used before and tune to Drop B, like I had it, and it buzzes soooooo much. What the hell is going on?
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the neck has probably flexed, getting accustomed to the 12s. Id say a slight truss rod adjustment will fix this, or you may have to raise the action a bit.

Have you switched string brands? some strings behave differently even though they may be the same diameter, some will buzz where others wont. I have noticed that ernie balls buzz when DRs wont
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If you changed with the same guage, it should be fine.

Unless you took all of the old strings off, and then put all of the old strings on. It gave your guitar an opportunity to relieve itself of the tension, and now the neck doesn't sit right.
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