hey guys

which do you think is the best?im getting a wah and i was dead set on a WD7 but theres no stock ryt now.my band plays like mostly punk and grunge but i wanna get a pedal thats very versatile and can be used in almost any genre
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I'd say the Morley out of those two, but ibanez is coming out with a WH10 reissue that might be worthh looking into.

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Haha. UG's Chuck just said chuck. haha
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Hmmm, depends if you're using it with a clean tone as well as distortion, if you are then I'd go with a Crybaby 535Q, if its just for distorted stuff then a Morley would some better. So basically I'd go with the 535Q if you want versatility, none of the other Crybaby's are really worth looking at IMO, except for the Crybaby from Hell, apparently thats a very good pedal, especially for distortion, I don't know how it sounds when clean though.
I would say Morley is better for high gain. I have a WD7 and I can tell you it probably has the most features out of any wah. You can shape your tone beautifully, to suit both low and high gain sounds.

People say the WD is a tone sucker, but I cannot say much about that since this is the only wah I have ever bought.
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The Morley has a better distorted sound and tends to be better for the modern style punk. The Craybaby is more old school rock and I can't think of any old school punk bands that used wah regularly.

I'd go with the Morley if I were you.
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