has anybody here ever played switch guitars?
i might be trading a bass for one. i might trade it for a switch innovo IV signature guitar but ive never played one. i dont care at all about the bass i just want to get rid of it so dont mention that lol. so has anybody ever heard of em?
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They're made out of some futuristic plastic right? I'd have to play one before buying, but if your wanna get rid of the bass and you're curious then go for it.
They have 10/10 reviews on HC, so I'd go for it if I were you.

Plus they look fücking awesome.
I have played a few and I thought they were great. I am not too sure exactly what they are made from they call it Vibracell. I know it's a composite material not sure if it's actually plastic or some other similar material. As far as the guitars go I played go they had great tone, the necks were fast and they played great. Unfortunately I think Switch is out of business I had them in my favs and the link is dead. Isn't the Innovo IV a MIDI guitar? Have you tried the guitar out??

I guess if your planning on trading a guitar/bass you don't care about it really doesn't matter.

if you just looking to get rid of the bass then just trade it! what hav you got to lose?!
I have a Drive which is basically a wooden Switch and it is an amazing playing guitar. As for sound it's not too hot but that's because it has absolutely shyte pickups in it. I'd say go for it.
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