Im looking for a good anti-virus software that does the whole nine yards. I need it to have Site Warnings, Anti-spyware, Anti-virus and all the other stuff that those programs are used for. Im willing to pay a one-time fee, but id rather grab it off a Torrent website.

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I use COMODO free internet security.
it's anti-virus/spyware/malware and firewall all in one.
for free!

just google it.
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Out of all the anti viruses i've had over the last couple years, the only one that has kept virus's out of our computer is windows live one care, it's ****ing excellent, i would have had 100's of trojans by now without it, instead of catching the virus's during a scan it gets them as soon as they come in and asks if you want to get rid of it or ignore it, combine it with the web browser google chrome you'll have anti virus/spyware and the site warnings, but just to be sure get the free program spybot search and destroy, it's great and gets rid of spyware.
And windows live one care costs money but seriously, there isn't any better, norton,AVG,mcaffe have failed me numerous times, never going back to another antivirus.
Norton. It's protected all my computers for 10 years.
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Norton is overrated, had it for years, but then we tried ESET NOD32 antivirus. it has an IRobot lookin guy on the cover, the local techies at the comp repair shop recommended it.
Also, for all the people recommending NOD 32, can you please link me to it? It sounds very interesting.
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Use ESET Smart Security + Comodo with the AV disabled (only in firewall mode) + FireFox or Chrome and you'll be protected against a nuclear zombie apocalypse and you'll have spare resources to play games and stuff like that.

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Are you the dude with the 'strange virus on the computer that plays LP'




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There was this person with a computer that kept shutting the screen down n played numb.. Or something like that..

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Simply stop downloading porn....
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I use Avast, used to have McAfee but it was just plain awful.

What's everyone's opinion on having 2 or more Anti-Virus' running on your computer... Yay or nay?
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have you tried linux?
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I use Linux
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Simply stop downloading porn....

Yes. because downloading porn is the only way you can get virus's

Of course, downloading music, movies and images from torrent sites has a 0% chance of encountering a virus, is that right J.Rodier?\

And to tobysaurus, it all depends, alot of the time having multiple anti virus programs cause them to conflict each other.
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Trend Micro at work.
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What's everyone's opinion on having 2 or more Anti-Virus' running on your computer... Yay or nay?

It's pointless.
They might interfere with each other.
Your computer will be crawling on its knees.