Fender Hot Rod Deluxe
Pedals: Nady TD-1 tube overdrive
Boss MT-2 for fast power chords, less warm then the TD-1
Boss HF-2 flanger
Boss CS-3
Boss DD-2

Guitars: B.c Rich 1979 custom handmade in southern california by wayne charvel when he worked at the factory for b.c rich, super thin custom neck (rounder and thinner than the wizard and JEM neck) Bridge pup Evo Neck pup Super distortion, Candy apple blue finish, rosewood fingerboard 24 frets

Charvel SoCal, all stock parts...****ing monster!

Strat Frets 10-22 scalloped, Bridge pup Super distortion, middle stock fender pup, neck seymour duncan hot rails

Jackson DKMG dinky, stock parts except the bridge which i switched to a real floyd rose.. thats it thanks

Any questions feel free to ask
thought i should share this with the loving UG community, since you're all so knowledgeable and i wanted to know your opinions, thanks friend!
I like your rig other than the pedals.
The mt2 isn't that great IMO. You're better off with a digitech hardwire series distortion, or buying a higher-gain amp.

Not a fan of the cs3 either. A bit cold for my tastes.

What styles of music do you play?

-Gibson LP VM
-Silvertone Kentucky Blue
-MXR CC Delay
-Ibanez TS-9
-Egnater Rebel 20
-Avatar 1x12

My rig is simple
Haha. UG's Chuck just said chuck. haha
You're not truly playing guitar unless you know theory.
Alot of stuff... Mostly metal, neoclassically influenced solos, definitely nothing by the books theory wise, i don't really use the MT-2 much, i use my tube distortion pedal because its amazing and the compression sustainer is only on when im using the clean channel when i want a lack of dynamics, basically