I like it.
This is strange cause I usually don't like this kind of music.
I can't tell you why I like your stuff, except that there's something about you...
Nice !!!
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Nice , i'm not a fan of country , but this reminds me of like a happy cheer up song. perfect length. love the lyrics. your voice is pretty good too .
Nice! I like how you took a Johnny Cash style of guitar playing for this song. The double over voicing is a pertty cool touch. Like always your lyrics are very good and true. But one thing it needs is a drum beat, and a bass. Great song, keep up the good writeing.
Not something I would regularly listen to, I originally thought it would be folky based on the guitar and maybe thats why I like it so much more than my usual country. I also agree with the person who said the double tracking of your voice sounds good. I like the line "Its trial and error, applause and blank stare" I also like the part after "Listen to my preaching" where there is a rest for the guitar and its just your vocals and then it comes back in. Interesting topic and you delivered it well, overall nice job.

Goodness gracious me!
damn bro your song took me back to a Killer state of being!.... like the intro for a movie where theres a Big ruboust man draging a bag full of blood.. while theres a girl being raped in the distance by some old discusting hillbilly... while her brother is being skinned alive... and theres an old guy singing along with the song spitting some brown ****ing things out of his mouth dude i love this song!!!! its diffirent but i love it man
Hey thanks for the critic, yeah I know what you mean. I actually wrote lyrics which fit really good in the song. But i've no one to sing it for the moment, so maybe i'll ask my drummer or i'll practice my singing..

Your song is good, i liked it even if country is not my kind of music. I think all your songs are good by the way.

Good lyrics =)

Thanks again for your critic