As I said in the video, I have the nerdiest voice in the world, and I'm by no means the best player, but this pedal is great.

If you liked it/think you'll like it, you should totally shoot Burt an email dr.booger@gorillasalsa.com.

I don't receive any money for this, I simply want to show gratitude to him because he went far out of his way to help me out.

I DO NOT receive ANY money if you decide to buy a pedal, and it does come UNFINISHED. I set up the email address as a symbol of gratitude because of the lengths that Burt went to help me with this. I set it up through my website because:

A) I didn't want to be getting any emails myself from people wanting a pedal as I don't build them and

B) I didn't want to spread Burt's email address through the dirtiest ends of the internet and subject him to a bunch of spam.
That pedal sounds great and I'd really like to own one. Too bad I don't have any money

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You have a voice-over voice!
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long live bucketmark.
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You have a voice-over voice!

he does.

this sounds really, im not a huge fan of the booger theme lol but its deffinatley different.

i liked the part where you were like " lets turn the presence up all the way too just **** it." lol
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You're voice is fine haha. It's not nerdy at all.
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I like it.

I also find it interesting that you are running an 8 string into a Deville.
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by the way - what sort of custom orders does he do and how much does he charge?

i need some experienced soldererer to build me a through zero flanger...

I asked him to build me a specific circuit based on a PDF and a GIF, so if you have the correct info, I'm sure he could do it. Shoot him an email for a quote.

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I like it.

I also find it interesting that you are running an 8 string into a Deville.

Haha, don't forget that that 8-string is using flatwounds. I like the clean on the Deville, but I'm currently saving up for a Carvin V3 so I can have a more versatile amp.