Hey guys,

Me and my band have just started, we've made one song, and I was wondering what you guys thought about my solo for it...

The actual songs about our singers ex- boyfriend... so we're going for a sad approach to it.

The actual song might get put up at a later time if we are able to record everything.

Thanks It's in my profile, "Get Over You".

Roger Waters - 12th May!
First of all: You built up a very nice melody so the basics are done. Now, to improve feeling and style, try to put in some faster and slower played riffs (keeping your melodic style) and alternate them.
Of course there is no need to play as fast as in a speed metal solo ;-) but a bit more speed at some points can really raise the melodramatic feeling.
Btw i like your Guitar Sound.

sounding good man, i really have no skill in soloing so I can't crit much. maybe try and alternate the speed, it sounds like most of the notes are spaced fairly evenly, might get old after a while. keep it up