I've noticed recently that when shredders like Steve Vai and Eric Johnson play, their pick attack is hardly noticeable. My pick attack, on the other hand, stands out so much when I'm playing! It sometimes sounds like there's a woodpecker outside my window headbanging to whatever tune I'm playing.

Does anyone know how to get rid of most, if not all, of the sound of my pick plucking the string when I play? It's alright on clean, but with distortion it cuts right through the mix.

I'm using Jazz III picks, so that may be why. I know Dave Weiner uses Jazz III's and I can definitely hear the pick attack in any of his live music. Also, I usually pick with about a millimeter of the plastic pick under the string, so am I giving too much room for the pick? Should I be playing (shred songs) so that my pick just barely grazes the string?

Also, I'm playing a Ibanez RG4EXQM1 with a PAF Joe, Heavy Blues 2, and Evo 2. I doubt the pickups are too close to the strings, but I'll check it out and see if that changes anything.
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It can depend on a few factors ,how hard you pick ,the hardness of your pick and your amp settings. When your playing fast it helps to have only a slight bit of the pick touching the strings ,this should help reduce noise and help you pick faster. In general hard picks will make a loud picking noise ,especially on alternate picking runs ,but it also depends how forceful you strike the strings ,i play quite softly so i can barely hear my pick sound. Also if you have a loud distortion and gain it will help cover up your picking sound. You have to realise that Eric Johnson and Steve Vai probably have the best equipment money can buy and probably edit out there pick noise ,it also helps with the fact that both players play legato alot so i doubt youl hear there picks much
Some players even like lots of pick attack. ie. Petrucci and Gilbert, gives it a percussive sound. It's a lot about how much you dig in, and amp settings. Practice practice practice, good economy of motion will help get rid of the excessive pick noise.

at 3.25 you can hear the pick attack quite clearly...its just normal and is often buried by other instruments anyway.
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i find that if i angle the pick there is a significant difference and most of the pick attack disappears. i'm currently trying to retrain my picking from parallel to the string to holding the pick on an angle when hitting the strings. check out this great paul gilbert video. he explains it and shows it in great detail and you will hear a big change.

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wind down the tone knob a bit maybe, cut some treble, pick closer up to the neck, less presence Try to learn EJ's incredibly awkward to learn bounce technique.
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First, you can always experiment with the angle of the way you hold you're pick, some angles give off more pick noise than others.
Second, experiment with pick material, thickness, and even shape. Some materials, shapes, and thickness can give off more pick noise than others.

Personally,after those two steps I got the pick noise to a level where I don't notice it anymore.
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It can depend on a few factors ,how hard you pick ,the hardness of your pick

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