I want to buy my first guitar and I see these Ibanez with fixed bridge. What Ibanez do you think is better? All of them is about the same price range so I think there will be slight differences between them. The RGA32 have active pickups and magohany body that I think is pretty good but I don't know much abou pickups and that stuff.

And which Ibanez I can play more different styles? I like metal, rock, punk but maybe some day I want to play some open chords and softer music and things like that. Can I do that with the guitars above?

teh RG321's are exactly the same just look different, and the RGA is the same but with actives i belive.

get one of the first 2. depends what one you like the look of better.

why? active pickups aren't as versatile as non actives, and non actives are cheaper to replace with pups taht you may want to upgrade to.
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+1 to hale here also, the active pickups that are in the rga are going to be crap and you'd have to replace em, the rg pickups are tolerable until you want to upgrade.