ghey guys i dont know know about you guys, but im sick of snapping strings when i tune down. i think i need different gage strings, so can anyone point me in the right direction??
Wait, strings snapping when you tune down? That doesn't make sense...how would a decrease in string tension cause it to snap? Have sharp edges in your nut or bridge or something?
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sorry, i meant when i tune back up again

I was thinking "wtf" too :/

Every guitarist knows the world's scariest thing is tuning your acoustic that you haven't touched in 5 months. Especially mine, it sounds like Hiroshima when it snaps.

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Maybe your strings just need to be changed
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What tuning do you play in? And you shouldn't change tuning too often.
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Is it only one string? Does it break in the same spot? What kind of bridge?
what gauge strings are u currently using. maybe just moving up a step in the thickness u use mite help. i used to use 9's but had a similar problem i now use 10's and i still happens occasionally but not as often
A good quality nut, tuners and bridge is also key. My schecter C1 classic hasn't broken a string....ever. I change them every 3 months for sound reasons.
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I was constantly snapping my A string on my Schecter. I replaced the bridge saddles with Graphtech saddles.

its only ever my high e string, i think its the nut, it doesnt sit properly now ive given it a close look,
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