Okay, my mate wants to take up guitar playing, and hes showed me this, which he wants to buy:


I dunno if it's a good. He'd probably play like..Muse style stuff, should I steer him towards Vintage guitars, or would Rally guitars be okay?
I haven't personally played one, but I've heard they are decent guitars. Made in the same factory as Vintage I think, so yeah.

Go out and take him around a guitar shop, and give him a couple of different guitars (like Strat copies, Les Paul copies, you get what I mean) and see what suits him best.
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iv never heard of them, but everyones first guitar isnt very good. it looks ok
yep steer him away from that guitar. good store though going for a look around there tommorow
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I've never tried it personally, but I've read from a Singaporean music forum that these babies are very good, and they're better than Epiphones.
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My main electric was my starting guitar, it is an Epiphone les paul standard, either a 1960's neck or a 1970's. I confuse them around, I have 3 les pauls here. If someone can mention which one of those two has the thicker neck my epiphone is that one :L. It was and still is a very good and versatile guitar for beginning and till now. I actually prefer using it over the Gibson Les Paul(the other Les Paul Standard), which is my dads. But that is only because of the neck.
Looks bloody brilliant (lol) I couldn't comment on how it sounds but at a hundred bucks (Or however much the USD equilivant is) I'd go for it.
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