I just posted an ad on craigslist for my Epi G-400 and American Deluxe Strat. It feels weird since the Epi was my first electric guitar and the Strat is my most valuable possession right now. And I bought them all on my own. But I need money for an amp and other things, and I they just collect dust anyway. I'll be getting a FR1620 sometime in the future too. I really don't need 4 guitars when I only really love playing 2 of them. Any advice to ease the pain?
Spend the money you make on heroine. It'll ease the pain.
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haha, I don't know man. I sold my first electric, which was an epiphone special II, so it wasn't that good, but I still wish that I hadn't sold it, just for memory's sake, and I would probably use it occasionally for alternate tunings. Anyways, I sold mine to a friend though, so its somebody that I trust will take good care of it, so that helped to ease the pain
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Quote by StratRat13
Spend the money you make on heroine. It'll ease the pain.

please say your joking or you`ll become a enemy, i have no tolerance for those who promote drug use.


sorry i thought i was in the pit.

Just make sure you meet the person you are selling it to. You dont want to sell it to some "punk" kid who plans to smash it or deface it in some way or another. I sold my first guitar, a Honda Semihollow, to a elementary school principal from a couple of counties over. He was a very nice man and im sure he is taking care of it. I do wish i had not sold it though.
Instead of selling, trade for a better amp. I traded my first guitar (B-guitar Sunburst strat) for my Warlock.
It's a shame though. It was so hard to find info on it, that crappy strat copy was either priceless or worth less than it's weight in pennies.
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