Right, so i need/really would like a new amp. Right now i have a vox valetronix which is a modelling amp - i didnt choose it. Ive decided im not a fan of them atall, id love an honest sound from an amp rather than it trying to copy something else.

Id like something that can be quiet enough to play in my room, but that can be big enough to play small gigs. Something with a really fantastic clean tone, but that i can also run pedals through and have them sound good, something like a boss blues driver, or an OD-3.

Price range going upto about £300-£400. Bring it.

oh, and my guitar is a fender jaguar by the way. style is anything from folk to melodic hardcore.
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Is that Euros or UK Pounds?

If it's Euros that's about 570 US $
If it's Pounds, that's about 650 US $

Peavey Classic 30 = 600 US $

Used, about 400 US $

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Check out the Crate V Series. I keep hearing amazing things about them. And the'yre relatively cheap.
Yeah the Crate V series are amazing amps. VK combos aren't too far off, too. The vypyr tube is meant to be good but that's a modelling amp.

If you can, get a marshall mosfet head and a cheap £130 cab, you won't regret it, as they're absolutely amazing
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the classic 30 is a bit more expensive than £400 but not by a whole lot i dont think.

if youve got £400, dont buy a VK, dont buy a V series and dont buy a vypyr. because within a year you'll be looking for a new amp again because the VK or the Crate bust and the vypyr is boringly similar to the VT.

i second the first suggestion for the Classic 30, or you could get Laney LC30, which has similar tone but more gain.

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with your budget and the versatility you need the modeling is the way to go IMHO.
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