The one eyed king of a blind people is
Shouting out atop his steeple
Watch your head and just lay low
The time will come to overthrow
The sighted few whose gift they use
To say they have the right to choose
Our fates
They look at us and all they see
Is their chance to cause misery
One thing they can’t realize:
We shouldn’t really need our eyes
To see the s**t they really are
Before they take it just too far
Too late
Apathy’s a crime
Just a way to die
Right now the time has come to move
Forward against their rules if you’ve
Seen how you fit into their grooves
Yours is the life they disapprove
Take aim. The b******s in your sights
Still think they act within their rights
Their flames would set the world alight
Burning homes lighting up the night
You’ve seen what’s happened in the past
Psychos the world stares at aghast
I’ve been waiting, tied to the mast
You hope that they come for you last
No more of ready-fire-aim
They just want blood and guts and pain
Fight for the glory and the fame
They’re not the ones who die in vain

To be the only one like me
To be the only one that sees
The evil of the silent few
The kind of awful things they do
You put your life into their hands
They know that they can make demands
For gain
The sighted masses cannot see
The privileged will not agree
We tried to warn you long ago
We offered help. You shouted “No!”
The blinded few are rendered dumb
While you all simply sit and numb
Your pain
Apathy’s a crime
Just a way to die