I'm a new guitarist, and the most I can afford at the moment is a cheap Starcaster and a little box amp.

If I saved up my money a bought really nice strings, would the sound quality be better?
Yes, but barely. Your next thing you need to save up for is a better amp, a "not that good" guitar, will sound alot better with a nice amp.
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What do you mean with "expensive" strings? Because a new set of nice strings will always do your sound good, but it won't suddenly sound like an american Strat, and type of amp also controls a lot of your sound.
Marginally better - there are 1000 other things that go into how good a guitar sounds, two of which are where the strings actually contact the guitar at the nut and bridge. Without seeing the build quality of your guitar with my own eyes, I'd say money would be better put to upgrading the amp IMO. And while you're saving up, work on the best free improvement to your sound - you.
After you upgrade the Amp and your skills, get new pick-ups
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strings barely make a noticeable effect on sound, unless your replacing old strings that have become dull sounding
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After you upgrade the Amp and your skills, get a new guitar (if you have the money at that time.)

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saving up for strings whilst i appreciate you may be too young to work strings are only £5 or $5 for a decent set of dadario`s get exl 120s 9-42.
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Strings have a minimal effect on the tone, save for the brighter, nicer tone of new strings. If you really want to change your tone, get a new amp (or a used one, to save money).
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When it comes to electric guitars, strings don't affect your tone toooooo much (they still do, no matter what), but when you're playing through a starter amp like such, the difference will be almost inaudible (I think?). On acoustic guitars good strings can make a crap guitar sound decent, but for electrics? It's almost all in the amp.
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It's not like classical string instruments where a nice set of gold-plated or gut strings will make any instrument sound infinitely better. Guitars are definitely more pickup and amp based than anything else.
The name brand of strings are not gonna make a huge difference. probally not even noticeable with that guitar and amp as long as the guage is the same. The main thing with strings is just to change them when they go dead.
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New strings will sound better than old strings, but you're not going to hear any difference between cheap strings and expensive ones.
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Just use that amp and that guitar stock until you think that you have improved your skills enough to get a new setup.
i find different brands of strings sound totally different to each other, however the sound quality isn't much different. it's more down to tone and personal preference.
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I'd say the difference will only be 7% at most.

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