Hi there,
Im about to buy my first 'proper' guitar (no disrespect meant to the yamaha pacifica ive been playing for the last three years). I really fancy, and have heard good things about the ESP Viper.
Anyone have one here? And how much did they pay for it? Ive been quoted £700 in a guitar shop, and £500 on ebay, for the same model, both new. Any advice would be welcome.
I owned one once, and really liked it. I'm not sure about prices across the pond though. In the US they're just under $700 new.
pretty much any esp guitar is going to be pretty high quality. I've played on a lot of esp/ltd's and there all good-excellent and you really get a better deal than you would buying from just about any other company out there. I'd avoid ebay though honestly, and try and get one from something like musicians friend or whatever. I just don't trust ebay personally... but yeah you'll love it
I paid 680 euros for my Viper. I'd buy the one on eBay. Even if it needs a set-up, it'll still be cheaper.
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try it first if you haven't. if you have just find the cheapest possible way of getting one. i've been playing esp for a year now and it's great
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i love my viper 400, got it for $580.
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Vipers are great. If I didn't need to shred up to 24 frets though, I'd have to go with the SG's though. It's the body style for me, it's just weird. Great guitar, just not for me.
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cheers guys
would you say on the whole guitars are cheaper in the US? or is it just, coincidently, with this viper?
i know a shop which has one in stock, im gonna give it a try soon, cant wait!