I'm looking to get a new bass, but I can't decide on what to get. I'm a pretty intermediate player who plays alternative, funk, rock, and blues. I currently use a Fender Mexican Standard Jazz, but I want something a bit higher end.

I've narrowed my choices down to two, both Schecters. The first is a Schecter Stiletto Elite 4 string, and the second is a Schecter Stargazer.

I'm just curious to see what you guys think I should get. I'm open to suggestions on anything else, but keep in mind I'm a lefty
the stargazer looks gorgeous, but I have no idea about its quality. The stiletto would be a solid investment.
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the stargazer looks gorgeous, but I have no idea about its quality. The stiletto would be a solid investment.

stiletto is also a safer option, as a lot more people have them, and can comment on their quality.

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I think the stilleto is better, I prefer the pickups and the wood combination (mahogany with flamed maple top). It looks better too, IMO.
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I've played a Stargazer & it seems to be pretty good quality, it looks somewhat Rickish, so that's a plus for me. I'd say go with the Stargazer.

How's the tone and how heavy is it?
It sounded nice, it had a pretty thick bottom end & a nice growly midrange to it, the pickups are a nice selection for it, just making it sound great for rock & metal type tones, although I expect it could smooth out nicely for blues, jazz & other genres. When I started to use my pedal board with it, it sounded great (my pedal board consisting of OD, tube distortion, fuzz, phaser & delay). Only problem was, it didn't sound like a Ric.
I didn't find it to be that heavy, but it was weighty enough to not feel like a toy, if I had enough cash, I'd have it with me right now.
having played both, I think they are both great in their own right. the Stargazer would suit you much better.
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