I'm doing guitar ensemble at my school this year, and I need to pick out a classical guitar that my parents can buy me. My price range is (hopefully) between 300-400$. These are a few guitars that I had in mind:

So what would you guys recommend? I'm thinking the Ibanez looks like it would be a better deal then the Yamaha, but the Yamaha is more expensive so I'm not sure. The Takamine also looks really nice so I'm not sure.
I would recommend the Rodriguez


Better than any of those at least. Pretty nice guitars. They might need some work if you get it shipped directly to you though.
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Hmm, I think the first Rodriguez you posted is too expensive, but they do have a used (with a like new condition) for 315$. I'm not sure how reliable that is though. What kind of work would I need to do if I got it shipped directly to me?
I'd go for the Yamaha or the Takamine, there is brand that I've played in the 300 € range, that I really liked but I can't remember the name.

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