Basically, where can I buy an authentic Gibson neck? I've looked and can't find them, so I'm assuming there are no Gibson guitars that don't have set necks.

But, what would you do if you broke the neck on your Gibson, in that case?

Thanks guys.

PS - i'm going to work in a sec, so i'll prob reply to any posts when i get back.
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Im gonna imagine gibson keeps a tight hold on its replacement necks, probably a case of send it back to the factory or go to an authorized dealer for repair. If they were readily available anybody could start assembling "gibsons" on any chunk of wood they could dig up. Im sure the chinese knock off artists would be first in line to buy a pile of original gibson necks.

There just isnt a huge demand for replacement set necks. Its a pretty involved process to remove a set neck not something most would want to try. Fender style necks are plentiful but it takes what 5 minutes and a screw driver to swap those.