I'm not sure if this is the right forum, but anyways...

I want to replace the tuning machines on a baby taylor i just bought. I've never changed tuning machines before, so I have no idea what to look for in new ones. I heard that grovers are good, but what model? Should I look for something specific since it's a baby taylor?
Any Acoustic machines will do. Grovers are very good, there are lots of good ones. I have a baby taylor too but the machines seem pretty good to me. No problems with them in 7 years. Are they going out of tune or just not tuning smoothly?
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There's rust or corrosion on them. although they work ok, aesthetically they're ugly. No, i'm not to blame for it either.
I just bought it used. It's a mahogany baby taylor with original hardshell for $100. It was left in it's case in the garage for a really really long time. so there was rust on all the metal including frets,but i took care of that with 0000 steel wool.