Looking at getting a new guitar well a second hand one and ive been looking at the les pauls, in particular the epi lp customs and the midnight. Is there much difference between the two, pickups aside?

I was looking at lp knock offs such as tokai etc but here in australia they sell for decent amount as they are hard to get ahold of.
im pretty sure its the same exact thing just with black hardware and emgs. if u want emgs, the midnight or a prophecy would save u some trouble.
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Cheers so the necks dont differ at all or the finish on them? As i there are two guitars second hand that im trying to buy atm one is a epi lp custom in black with black hardware and has had same pickups installed in it as the midnight and the other is obv the epi midnight lp i guess they are pretty much identical guitars then its whatever i can get cheaper out of the two and is in better condition.