It's on my profile.
Kind of HardRock-ish
I need some crits because I'm not too sure about the EQ and the solos, so let me know what you think.
C4C of course.
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I Like it ! The fade-in's and out's of the solos are well made, and they are fast too!
Maybe a slow part in this track could be a good idea, because overall it's pretty fast

If I were you, I would thinking about harmonzied solos with 2 or 3 guitars doubeling each other
Awesome lead work! I'd put more reverb on the lead tones, and some more mids too. I think less bass on the guitars would be nice, because the real bass can cover that. Overall, more mids on the rhythm guitars would help A TON i think. It feels very crowded, but the tones are all nice. Just try adding more mids to the rhythm guitars and see what it's like, it may be less "crowded."
Good song, as for EQ, more mids will do wonders in giving you a nice tight crunch. You'd be surprised. And the lead work is cool, really mellow. Nice job overall.
I love what the guitar in the beginning is playing, and there is some very nice lead work in this song, nice chops man! As for the tones of the guitars, there isn't enough variance between the rhythm and the lead tones, as others have said try adding some mids until you find what you like. The drums fit well too, the only other suggestion I have is adding a part with new structure, because it doesn't change up too much the whole song. I thought around 1:46 was a nice time to go into a slow part and continue your solo but slower. Thanks for the crit on mine btw.
Goodness gracious me!
Pretty dam good man, really really nice lead work, that sounds really good.

For the main part at about 1:20 seconds into the song it sounds like the guitars need more mids and less bass, if you want them to stick out more.

Also at about 40 seconds I wouldn't off done a tom beat there, it kinda needs something to keep the up tempo feel. When you change to open hats it sounds so much better.

Really really nice lead work though, incredible.

I would change it up a little though, it seems pretty repetitive.
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This song is sweet compared to alot of other recordings the quality is great! You have great leads, and its a really catchy rythem the only thing i would reccomend would be to work on the eq ing a bit then this song would be even better then it already is ahaha
keep up the sick **** mann!

if you have a minute you think you could crit mine?


Thanks in advance, mate!
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That sounds cool ! I liked it !

It sounds like glam metal, but melted with 60's rock, like the monkees, that's cool. Youve got good solo skills, and it sounds good

I like the mixes of riffes, it sounds progressive but the rhythm never slows down, so that's pretty cool.

It sounds like the song from the video game Outrun and outrun 2

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Holy wow, i was not expecting it to be that good, being named "Meat" and all.
This was actually the best thing ive heard on here in awhile.
Aside from the EQ's its a really upbeat song, and the leads went so much farther than i thought they would. Reminds me of Foo Fighters if they did an instrumental - If the song wasn't lead filled, i could surely see Grohl singing along to that.

Good work man
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I really like the Lead tone you have, your lead work is simply amazing. I would bring the rythem guitar up a bit in the mix, mabey more mids, its kinda hiding way back there behind everything. I love the song, get some lyrics in there an it would be even better.

Thanks for the crit on my song and my progress with recording. The drums where a pre recorded track, and there hard to find on the internet. I dont know how to make my own drums yet, but a drum set would make things alot easyer. lol.
Great song, I instantly fell in love with it, mainly because the bass line sounded great.

The only thing I had a issue with was the guitar, but that's just a personal opinion for some reason it just sound very comrpessed, as if the song has been compressed too much, obviously it hasn't but that's what I was hearing.

Everything else sounded good, and the lead work was brilliant, well done.

If you get time all my song are on my profile for crit
I really enjoyed this song! I'm using pc speakers so my observation may not be accurate. I got the impression the snare was a bit high and that a few solos could be a bit higher so one could appreciate the great phasings you got there!

All the best!

And keep up the great work!