Here again it's not a complete song in that way but a few ideas that could end up as a song!

It's called "Rock - Funk" and is in my Profile

well, it's a bit repetive and has a simple buildup, but just listen to end (it's different from the start)
Yeah that definitely sounds like old school Ten/Vs. era Pearl Jam, along with some old school Chili Peppers as well.

Pretty good, it just needs Vedder in on vocals, and you got yourself Even Flow 2.

And it could be shortened, it kinda repeats a lot.

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right Metallica is a given. Personally I like to pretend the bus exploded and killed them all in '86.

It's very well played and recorded.
Yes it is repetitive, but I feel it's just because it's missing leads and vocals.
Very nice job.
Thanks for your crit on my track "Meat". You should leave a link to your thread when you crit someone.
I have to say also that its very well recorded and played. I do think its repetitive, becuase the first part is pertty much the main riff repeated and slightly changed every now and then. I think if you broke it up a bit during the first part with a verse and chours then it would flow better.

The second part was very funk like, but same problem as the first part, it just repeats the same riff, it would be cool if you broke it up as well, it would be a song that has two different sounding chours and verses.

Very good song, its a great start.

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