i am thinking about a set of emgs for my epiphone les paul standard

i play mostly metallica , guns n roses etc

is there anything i should know when fitting them and would i have to do any more routing when fitting the battery ?
I just put an 81/85 set in my Epiphone SG, and they leave nothing to be desired. I don't have any experience with another combo like an 81/60, but the 81/85 is definitely high quality sound with a ton of output. And as long as you can squeeze a battery in the box where your switch/tone/volume pots are, no extra routing is needed.
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the battery should fit right in with the pots and stuff.
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everything should go in without a problem. the only thing that might slow you down is running the wire through the holes that are there its a tight fit but it will go through with some effort
yeah thats the one i was thinking about getting

sure its what kirk and james use as well
Battery will be a bitch I haver one with a 81/89 and the 81/60 the 89 will get you they extreme metal assuming your amp can take that **** but the 60 I prefer cuz it gets you those sexy clean tones
should mounting them be an issue, would i need to change the rings or anything
thanks for the help guys

does anyone know anywhere cheaper than thomann to get them

i live in scotland and they are about £90 quid in guitar guitar
i am ideally wanting the gold ones if i can get hold of them but as far as i am aware, they do not officially sell them in the uk
id say get an 81tw for bridge and an 89 for neck. most possible sound possibilities out of some EMG buckers' you can get. coil tap both of them and its like have an 81 in the bridge and when put in single coil mode is like having an SA in the bridge. with the 89 its like an 85 in the neck in bucker mode and in single coil its also like an SA. so its basically like having the 81/85 combo PLUS you have single coil mode so you can have 81/SA or SA/85 or SA/SA combos.
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