Okay Past two days I have spent learning sweet child o mine using guitar pro 5 and omg I just want to say how much that helps!

Anyway I have reached and already learnt part of the third or whatever number solo it is. Basically I'm stuck at 3:20 on the video linked. Where it hits 16ths notes.

Any tips on how to achieve this?

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get out that metronome! if you dont know what one is...you have a long way to go.
Just slow down the tempo of the song to a pace you're comfortable with (if you're using GP5 this isn't hard, just adjust the quarter notes per minute thing). Play it over and over again, eventually increasing the tempo when you're perfectly comftorable at a slower speed, and eventually you'll get there. It might take a really long time, but after you do this for one song it makes learning more significantly easier.

Another tip I've found useful is when tremelo picking (quick alternate picking, essentialy) is to play each note in the solo 2,3, or 4 times each as fast as you can (this should be faster than 16th notes). Not only will this increase your general speed but it also helps your mind remember the pattern and will make it easier to transfer between notes quickly.

Anyways, remember to learn the solo clean and to have perfect technique before getting any faster, because if you can play it perfectly slow and clean it's better than learning it sloppy and fast. Hope that helped
Take the segment of 16th notes and just learn the fingerings for those notes, ignore the speed, just learn where they are on the fret board and play them very slowly.

After you practice that a day or two your fingers will know how to play those notes consecutively. Now all you have to do is speed it up.

A trick my guitar teacher taught me for increasing speed on certain parts its to play it a slow speed and occasionally play it fast 1 time. So play at a tempo of like 65, a fairly slow tempo. Play it say 4 times in a row then on the fourth playing play it just a bit faster.

So it would look like this

Tempo: 65 65 65 70

You hand is getting a little used to playing it quicker but your also not just starting on the next highest tempo. So when you do bump up a tempo your hand will have an idea on how to play it that fast. So once you could do what is shown above then you could move on to the base tempo being 70 and play the 4th time through as tempo 75.
^That's a good trick - a lot of those ways of easing into a new tempo work well. Another one is work a lick up to the max speed you can play cleanly, then increase the speed by about 5 bpm, and play smaller fragments of the lick at that speed. Another is the ladder technique of working the tempo up. With that one you start at a slow speed. After a minute or two of slow perfect reps, you go up, say 8 bpm, and play the lick for another 1-2 mins. Then you go down 4 bpm, then up another 8, and so on in that pattern. It can be a bit time consuming since you are hitting every tempo except the first and last twice, but things do feel easier the second time at each tempo.
So I've practiced quite a bit since, and no I'm not expecting to have nailed it. There has been improvement, although I played so much the other day I couldn't play for the next :O

But yeah just wondering how long do you think It would take, (I'm putting in proper effort) from 50% speed of 16th notes at 128bpm to get to full speed?
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I find that slowing it down and concentrating on the feeling of the string as the pick hits it and trying to relax through the string and then making sure i accent the first note of each set of four. thats been helping me a lot
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