Selling my ENGL Blackmore head. Tubes have been changed recently, and all the internals have been checked for defects and bad solders etc. Got a clean bill of health, and I had it biased a tad hotter than standard.

Some nicks'n things on the tolex, and the lo-hi gain button got stuck for some stupid reason. I'm sure its an easy fix, I just never bothered. Selling the Z-5 footswitch with it, which I always used for all my switching (hence never bothered to fix that button).

Asking 850 euros for the both + shipping. I'm located in the Netherlands. I would also accept a fair trade, looking for an ENGLe530 + nice poweramp.

Uploading pics, should be up shortly. Drop me a pm, add me to msn or send me an email: cabal000@hotmail.com if interested.

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swap for engl fireball maybe ?
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swap for engl fireball maybe ?

No thanks, I'm really going for a rack setup.