i have a alder body fender tele and im just looking for some advice on how to make this thing a tone giant. 1, i want more warmth and 2 more sustain. point me in the right direction guys. thanks.
I dunno know much about these things cos i dont have enough money when it comes to accesories but maybe an EQ pedal?

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A good amp.
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What amp are you using?

Also, what type of tone are you trying to emulate (throw some band names out there).
rewire if it is a cheaper version.
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i'd suggest changing the bridge. the six piece saddles sound much different than the three piece saddles.
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change the nut to real bone or ivory, change bridge to a graphteck one and put in tele sized hbs
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Get a brass bridge & saddles and drill the body so the strings are anchored in back of the body (if it isn't already). Also, raise the action a little bit. A higher action will give the string more room to vibrate, thus increasing sustain. As far as a thicker tone, I use the tone knob on mine a lot.
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Well, I know you said besides pickups, but that is the easiest and biggest way to change / improve tone.

In my american tele I am running kinmann broadcaster pickups and all the caps have been replaced with The Sprague Black Beauty caps, also known as "bumble bee caps". This really changed how the volume and output rolls off. It made a huge difference.

Gives it a more vintage roll off. This will make the gain / od of your amp change drasticly as you roll the volume off your guitar.
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it will sound better if you sand off the "fender" and write "Squier" on it with a crayon and the R backwards.

just kidding of course and im not hating on Squier stuff, I'd buy a Squier tele if it came my way for a good price.

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new pots, capacitors, bridge with brass saddles
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