My friend is the biggest stoner in the world and hes messing up his life. He's barely went to class this year and he's been suspended 2 times already. Both times were drug related. Hes a senior in high school and if he fails one of his classes he will have to re-do his senior year. He has a 0% in his math class and it looks like hes gonna be a super senior. He can't funtion when hes high!!! He forgets things, breaks stuff, and drives around. ahhhh!
You can't help someone who doesn't want to be helped without physically hauling them bodily to rehab, and even then he might pick it back up as soon as he's out.


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Try and talk it out with him, but as SteveHouse said, he's going to do whatever he wants in the end.
INTERVENTION!!! no seriously you need to talk to him!! but if he doesnt want to be helped then its his fault...

note to kids: drugs are bad!!!....that is all
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If you know where he stashes his stuff, hide it from him

I wish I could but he does it as he gets it.
i say stop worrying and join him
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I love you for that thread...

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There's nothing you can do. If he wants to change, he'll change.
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i say stop worrying and join him

lol. I've joined him a few times but he's taking it too far.