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Pretty self explanatory - I have $1800, I have one less guitar than I'd like and its time to do something about it.

I have found a really nice charvel with a custom paint job brand new for the price so this is so far the bench mark, but I dont want to just buy it without having thought about all other options - there are still probably companies that I haven't thought about

what we dont need
I'm looking for an guitar to do some 80's style stuff, so versatility isn't a big issue. not fussy about woods. not fussy about enck joins as long as higher frets are easy enough to get to. no ibanez's unless the neck is thicker than the standard sort of necks - its too thin for me. not bothered where its made as long as its quality. lots of buttons and coil taps and splitters and usb drives and stuff - its too much. i really like mockingbirds but the higher end ones are just littered with stuff.

what we do need
Floyd rose would really be preferable and at this price original or the equivalent is probably required. The shape has to be comfy to sit with and stand with, preferably with contours (ie. i dont want a neck heavy guitar.) the guitar has to be nigh on indestructible and preferably quite simple - i tend to like one pickup, 1 floyd, one volume guitars. just kind of re-assures me that nothing is going to go wrong, and also makes me use everything that ive got.

guitars ive looked at and would like further advice/ opinions on
jackson stars
jackson soloists/ dinkys
bc rich mockingbird
esp nt2 horizon

guitars i have tried and don't want to use
gibson les paul/ sg
jackson kelly
jackson rr

cunning ideas?

good suggestions
musicman axis
nuno bettencourt washburn
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if you dislike the ibanez neck you may have trouble with the esp neck aswell, you could look at schecter
i hadn't thought of schecter. that might be a good option. ive tried an esp nt2 horizon very briefly and the neck felt alright to me.

my favourite neck ever is on a guitar I already have - its a brian may replica - its like a jackson D shape, but a bit fatter. If it wasn't for the fact that it doesn't balance very well on a strap and i can't get it to dive as well as i'd like to then i wouldn't change it.
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wow the carvin guitars are really good value for money.

the musicman looks very interesting - i didn't realize they were within my budget.

Yes, that's well within your budget...

Is that Euros or Pounds or US Dollars?

Your title says $1800, but which currency?

If that's Euros, you have about 2300 US Dollars
If that's Pounts, you have almost 3000 US Dollars
If that's US dollars, it's just within your budget

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o sorry i thought it said on the title - its USD 1800 ($) normally id be working with pounds but im in america for the year so im on dollars now.

the nuno bettencourt model also looks really nice - slightly out of my price range, but a little extra saving could get me there.
The Jackson Soloist is a very nice guitar. I, like you, hate the thin Ibanez necks but the Jackson is a but thicker and feels very comfy to me. However it does have a pickup and tone that you say you could live without. At first I never really used the neck pickup or the tone knob on my Jackson but they both become really useful if you like to do clean or lower gain stuff. To be a metal-minded guitar the Soloist will do other things very well. At that price you have a lot of options though. I think Charvel would definitely be a good option for you because they are kind of the ultimate stripped down rock machine. Maybe something like this:
I'd get this
Or this(Invalid img)
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i'd go with a carvin. you could think up several different designs and get pretty much anything you could want with that kind of money. finishes, woods, pickups, bridge. i would be in heaven...

that or go warmoth. you'd have to assemble yourself, but it would be as easy as soldering electronics and maybe a little bit of drilling for some screws. but their parts are much higher quality than you're paying for, and they can be to you fairly quickly if you order from their already-assembled pieces.
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Nothing says 80's like a Kramer Baretta, Pacer Deluxe or Custom, ProAxe or Nightswan! Nightswan on the bay now for $1,449US

RI Baretta Begal $1699

I've owned/own several Kramer's from the 80's. Awesome guitars! Pretty sure I could find a guitar that suited me very well for less than $1800 though. I'd use some of that for other goodies....rack gear, power amp, processors etc. jsut me though.
Another vote for Carvin, especially if you're only in the US for now. The quality can't be beat for the price. Check out the new ST300 for an even more 80s shape, I don't know for sure but I think if you call it in it can be had in any pup configuration.
The description OP gave screams Kramer. One pickup, one control, Floyd Rose bridge, comfortable body contours, solidly built, built for 80's music but with a not-too-thin neck? That's Kramer.

Specifically, a Kramer Baretta would be ideal in it's simplicity - and they recently reissued it in a limited run, so you should be able to find some fairly new ones floating around the used market.
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I'd try a USA Jackson SL-1.... they have the Floyd you want, and the controls are basic. The US Dinkys are top notch as well, but if you're buying such an expensive guitar, the Soloist is the better option.

Jackson Stars are nice guitars, but you might as well go USA...they are basically the same price.

Charvel makes a great product, and they seem to be more up your alley than anything else listed. The San Dimas is a great model.

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Forgot to mention the NT Horizon- the horizon is a great guitar.... and it is a very light guitar. When I researched my next high end guitar, it came down to either the Horizon or SL2H Soloist. In the end I chose the Soloist because I felt it had higher built quality, more luxury trimmings (mother of pearl, etc.) and the hardware felt rock solid. Both had great playability, but the Soloist had more wholesome tone.

200,000 views and counting!

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This man gets the big golden popcorn trophy which signifies an exceptionally accurate response.

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Kramer and Charvel spring to mind.
An 80's Kramer Baretta would suit you well, but they're kinda hard to find these days.

If you want a new guitar, check out Charvel's production series:

I know you have a bit more cash to spend, but this guitar offers everything you need for something more reasonable. Why spend more than you have to?
Ever thought about getting something custom built? Look for a luthier near you, it should be easy to get a custom made guitar under 2000$ with the few features you want.
Personally, I'd be going for a Framus Diablo Custom with that price range, but I don't need a Floyd.
The musicman is great. There are lots of Kramer options... the Jersey star reissue is fantastic and well priced. Maybe a second hand js1000? brilliant all rounder and a great hair metal axe.
Also, Patrick Eggle guitars are usually about on ebay, and simply awesome.
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ESP horizon NT-II, the Charvel also sounds really good for what you're after.
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To the guy who advised custom and gave me a link to Ormsby - dont even tempt me man! I'd love an Ormsby especially since I know that he models a lot of his necks on his favourite 80's san dimas He's out of my range though or else I so would.

I looked into the kramer baretta yesterday and it looked like exactly like what I want - the limited run is now finished, but I could ebay it. of course I would have liked to try the guitar first, but it might be possible to find one close.

patrick eggle ive never heard of - i will investigate. same for the framus - i will check it out today.

i really like the tiger stripe finish on some of the baretta's ive been seeing too. Ive always said that one day i would like to own a tiger stripe or snakeskin finish guitar. in fact for about a year i was trying to find a dinky blue bengal from the pro series - didn't really stock them in the UK though.
very nice! i think he's on here too, so you might be able to shoot him a PM and get a quick response. not sure how often he's on UG though
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Mockingbirds are great, in my opinion. the new Mockingbird ST is pretty awesome looking.

other than that, get a carvin, or look into carvins custom shop.

for that matter, any custom shop

with that sort of budget you can almost get whatever you want (aside from those wierd minareks, or an overpriced roadworn signature or something). enjoy!
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I can't believe no one has said this:

Do not spend almost 2 grand on a guitar based on what people on the internet like!

With $1800 (I'm assuming USD) you can get a pretty well any production model guitar you want, unless you want a lot of extras and flashy finishes. Go to shops and find something you like. search every shop you can find in your area, even hit pawnshops, and play everything. you might find something you absolutely love that nobody has mentioned, or you never thought about.

that being said, my suggestions for what you seem to be looking for
charvel (doesnt get much more 80s)
jackson soloist
carvin custom
build one from warmoth.
My vote is for Carvin

But you can also make a completely custom shop guitar with Ran and get some quotes, I think they should be around your budget. For an instrument that is 100% custom and good quality.

They're made in a custom shop in Poland, and while I don't own one I know a few who do and are very satisfied customers. I personally have a Carvin on the way though, it was like 1600 shipped...
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dean redneck - i get what your saying - and the reason im asking opinions is so that i can make sure ive got a comprehensive list of everything that might fit my budget and requirements and then i can go and try them.

ive got an email back of ormsby with a quote of 3000 - though he didn't say whether that would be aus or us. makes a big difference maybe? thats also with snakeskin/ tiger stripe finish so i could be looking at about 300 less.
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My vote is for Carvin

You can get so much better than Carvin for 2k...
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Currently working with the ormsby theory - the question now is whether to stick with the charvel type idea and get the floyd rose and have the fairly basic guitar, or do I smash my budget into the wall and get one of his masterpieces?

any thoughts? the current choice is between multiscale with the fixed bridge or the floyd rose. obviously the 2 can't be combined.
I just found this thread....what about a G&L Rampage....or get a Fender Sambora strat and buy a single humbucker pickguard and disconnect the other 2
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Check out randy dobsons underground ,tell me what you think
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