So I had today off after my first week of my new job (9/80 is awesome). This morning on UG I see all these banner ads for GC's labor day sale. Since GC is really close and on the way to the other errands I have to run, I decide its a perfect day to stop by. Its my frist time in the GC so I have a walk around the store to start, just to see where things are and the like. They have a very nice selection of used gear including pedals, guitar and amps. I think half of what I played today was used gear. The two pieces of used gear that really caught my eye were the pedal and a Seagull 12 string acoustic. The acoustic was fantastic, I always find myself drawn to Seagull guitars for their sound, playability and their price. Considered this heavily, then decided I really need to finish furnishing my appartment before spending $400 on a guitar (tough choice though).

So that was my first stop, after that I started playing other things that I had liked. First on my list was the VOX AC-4 which is the thing I wanted to try/was there for anyway. Tried it, really liked the tone. The different wattage settings were nice as well. Unfortunatly they didnt have the head version in stock and the guy couldnt even find out how much it would cost me if they ordered it. So I said screw it.
Then tried the blackstar HT-5 (since I hadnt yet). Loved it and I now want one. Then tried the Gibson Zoot Suit and was pleasantly suprised. It was the stupid looking rainbow one, but it felt pretty nice, played well, sounded good and the sustain wasnt lacking like some people thought it might. Also tried the spider valve, wasnt really impressed even if it did sound ok. Cant remember any of the other stuff I tried, but then I left to run my errands.

The whole time I was doing everything else, I really couldnt stop thinking about that pedal I saw. I didnt need it, but it was right around the price I was expecting to pay for the AC-4 and I did really like it when I had tried it a couple years ago. So back to guitar center I go. Ask the guy behind the counter for it, he asks if I want to play it. I tell him, as long as it works I'll just take it. So I take it, and have 14 days to take it back if it doesnt work (or if I dont like it).

Get home and start messing with it. For the first few minutes I'm not sure it is like I remembered, but then I start finding the settings I liked. Great pedal, going to be a nice addition to my rig.

Heres a clip of it
It is a bit under 4 minutes long, but you dont have to listen to the whole thing to get the idea. Kicked on a tubescreamer part of the way in, and other than that it is DI to my mixer and computer. Didnt worry too much about the quality or playing, just trying to get some clips of the pedal. I uploaded it on my D-music account, but I do have a new song on my profile that I wouldnt turn down a listen to.

"Oh wait!" you say, "You havent told us what the pedal is yet!"
Well, I would think someone can figure it out from the clip, and if not I can tell you. Pics come after someone guesses what it is!
DAMMIT! No sound at work. (They are watching/listening.)
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Unless its electronic drums.

So... curious.... >_<
Sunn O))):
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deluxe memory man?


Yup, thats what it is

and of course I then went to go find my picture taking device, had to get it from my car and then had problems uploading. so after all that, here we go!

then we went for a walk...

and then with a guitar and the obligitory foot shot
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Sexy foot, i mean pedal.... why would someone look at your foot? /looks to the left and right with eyes.

What, do you usually look with your ears?

Also, very nice pedal.
**** ive seen amps smaller than that pedal... awesome gear thought! congrats
thanks guys anyone whos played this pedal knows its pretty damn nice.
speaking of which, anyone know if there are mods so i can put an effects loop in the feedback loop? i know i could probably design something, but if theres something in existance that would be sweet. i just think it would be cool if i could run the oscillations through an effect or whatever.

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i did live in the rockville/germantown area right north of dc, but i actually just moved last weekend to georgia. forgot to change the status, which i guess i need to do now.
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w00t! congrats! probably my all-time fav delay

i've never heard of putting an effects loop in it but you could send an email to howard davis (the guy that designed it) and ask him if it's possible

Yeah, right, says the man with super expensive crazy-ass b00teek delay

Anyway HNPD